This one might get sappy, but it’s well worth it. I had the blessed opportunity to partake in the marriage of two of my best friends – John and Lauren. John asked me to be his best man, and I’m excited to write this to look back on the best weekend of my life.

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Sending Off Nick

So thankful that my cousin Nick Schirripa asked me to stand by his side as he married the woman of his dreams, Carey. A bachelor party was in store, and the gents chose Cabo. I’ll never go back, for a variety of reasons, but our 2 nights held true to any rumors you may have heard.

One mega highlight – and a must do if you go – was eating at Flora Farms.

Squid Row – yikes


The Brothers Bones

July in AZ gets hot. Bons has been here before (a few times actually) so he’s felt the heat. This was the first time Chrissie made it out, and mother nature didn’t hold back. Started the trip in Phoenix, exploring Old Town Scottsdale, #dtphx, and eating and drinking our way in between.

The focus was camping. The original plan was to drive through Flag to Zion, but monsoons kept us out. So, we settled on Joshua Tree. Bons and I had been there together before so we knew what we were in for. It was roughly 105 during the day, but that kept most of the visitors out of the park, allowing us the pick of the litter in camping locations. We chose Jumbo Rocks. Once the sun set, we galavanted through the unknown.

It was too hot to camp a second night (it was about 106 at 7am) so we hiked around and drove to Palm Springs. Spent the day at the pool at the Ace Hotel followed by a stellar steak dinner at Mr. Lyons. Let em eat!

The Pintos!

Busy times – just after the 30th bday in Europe came a trip home to celebrate the wedding of two of my best friends, Katie and Andrew Pinto.

Flew redeye and Nate as kind enough to pick me up. We swung by the Ruggieri residence to scoop JMB before checking into the hotel. Such a wonderfully fun night – MC heavy, two awesome families, and some old coaches and teammates from high school. Late night after party at the hotel. Big congrats to the beautiful couple.