This one might get sappy, but it’s well worth it. I had the blessed opportunity to partake in the marriage of two of my best friends – John and Lauren. John asked me to be his best man, and I’m excited to write this to look back on the best weekend of my life.

Drove down after getting dual haircuts with JJ to our totally dirty AirBnB. The owner failed to get the place cleaned after the last rental – amazing way to start the weekend. Nonetheless, the boys all gathered there after the rehearsal dinner on a Thursday night. Great mix of family and friends from close and afar. Friday was the big day. They chose the majestic Bonnett Island Estate not far off of Long Beach Island. The groomsman had a good time the day of taking photos, hanging signs, and getting mentally prepared. The night went far above and beyond. The entire crew, the food was to die for, and we had a porkroll egg and cheese food truck show up at midnight. Each of the groomsman and bridesmaids had their own room in a beautiful estate. The two nights followed were just as spectacular. Lauren’s family graciously hosted everyone and the wedding party stayed together in a monster house right on the beach in LBI. Couldn’t be more thankful for an amazing set of memories. Lauren, Murph, Walt, and myself. Go back yeaaars. Beautiful family photo – my sister, Lauren, myself, my mom, and John. Twas quite the honor. I got good feedback on my speech, but it wasn’t hard to put together as it came from the heart. I love them both more than they’d ever know!

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