From Italy a few hours north to Edinburgh, Scotland. Few a Ryanair competitor complete with a 2 hour delay leaving Rome. Thankful for the Burdick family for hosting me for the week. Landed Sunday to some foggy rain, and took a cab to the Rosslyn Chapel, about 30 minutes out.

Drove through downtown Edinburgh; a dark and gothic city. Old City was full of tourists and street performances. Musty, I would describe it as. The sun popped out long enough for Conner, Hunter and I to get a pint and watch some soccer.

Spent the night reliving ancient history at Real Mary Close tour. Grimey, dark. Fascinating to see the centuries of disease, disparity between wealth and poor, and land ownership. After dinner did some quick dinner, then home for the night to play golf early the next morning.

The sight pulling up; our wondrous castle for the weekend in St. Andrews.

Played a cold, hard as heck 18 at Gleneagles, the same place that hosted the Ryder Cup just a few years back. Having only switched to playing right handed a few weeks prior, I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t anticipate how tough it would be. Long grass, a fog delay, and the longest holes I’ve ever shot. Thank gahd for the caddy.

Post golf, made it to The Famous Grouse for an awesome experience: tried the country’s most exported scotch – all flavors at that, and had an opportunity to make our own.

Dinner in town at night, but not before heading into St. Andrews to watch the final group tee off around 8pm. Just didn’t get late at this place;

Woke up leisurely the next morning as the boys went to golf. Walked the beaches of St. Andrews with Nancy and Kendall after a morning stroll around the grounds. Olden churches, cemeteries, and farms. Greener than could be.

After the bois got out, we drove the coast to Anstruther – one of the prettiest little coastal towns you can find. A few pints, some fish and chips, and wonderful beach front weather. The town was slow and old, but it fit perfectly. Next morning, as the boys golfed again, I went into Edinburgh via the train with Nancy and Kendall. A beautifully sunny afternoon, complete with more fish and chips and a visit to the free Scottish National Gallery – Monet, Van Gough, Renoir, etc. Such a pretty town in the daylight. Mandatory dinner afterward at The Steak Barn. Cards, beers, early dinner before a drive up to the countryside.

Left the castle around 6am to drive to the Airbnb in Glasgow. Continued the drive up country – through some of the most lush land I’ve ever seen – to Inverness, Glencoe, and the famed Lockness.

A huge thanks for a wonderful second half of an already life altering trip to Europe. Scotland may not be known for food, but the scenery, the people, and the green outdoors are second to none.


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