My Denver Bach; as Best Man

I’ve never been to a bachelor party before, let alone coordinated one. Shout to the Jumbo Dumbo Donnie John for agreeing to have his bachelor party in a distant destination (for all, but especially the bulk of the folks coming from NJ) in Denver, CO.

Couldn’t pick a better/worse weekend to do it; April 20. Crew was deep; John, me, Nick, Sam, Wayne, Nate, Stanley, Tommie, Tank, Talib, Rich, and Kevin. Had mainly great weather with a pretty sincere sprinkle of snow Friday night into Saturday.

Thursday night was when everyone got in, collected ourselves, hung at the house, and made it to dinner. Bit of celebrating after at Draft House. Come Friday morning we made our way for a small breakfast and onto the town. Being the 20th, the city was filled with free events. We put some serious miles on with frequent stops along the way. The t-shirts were a hit.

Friday night was some more celebrating, ending a bit early as we got an early start. Snow came through and kept us inside, an early brunch on Saturday, and meandering along until our long awaited Action Bronson concert, arriving in style.

Heck of a crew, but an even better guy (and girl, Lauren) to celebrate. Denver never disappoints and proved to serve a great host for a bachelor party. Sunday was a lazy meal before we all went our separate ways to the airport.

Going to be a great wedding! Let em’ eat!


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