Les Trente

It’s official. As of May 5, 2018, I am 30. I’ve been excited for it as the entirety of 29 was spent answering questions around my excitement and preparation for turning 30. Now we ask how I’m handling it.

Celebrated in the exact way I wanted to; my sister came out a few days prior along with Tyler to celebrate with close family and friends. Aunt Jane and her friend Ronda were her as well, and on my actual birthday went up north with Bryan and Nick to Flagstaff, AZ to camp. Nighttime temperature dropped into the 40s.

Had dinner with Bridget, Tyler, Erin, Anna, and Conner at St. Francis. Few after @ Bonus Round.
Beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Strong beers and high elevation.
I’m confident I’ll be making this recommendation a lot, but there’s no better place around than Flag.  Another night at the rodeo, this time with Bridget and Aunt Jane. They loved it! (I hope)


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