Christmas Back East

Haven’t posted in some time; could make the excuse that I’m too busy – but that’s relative. Here’s to making a better commitment to tracking the ins and outs of my life.

Always great to be home. This year’s Christmas was complete with the expected beauty; family, friends, The Mooser, cold weather, good food, gifts, etc. I got the added bonus this year of food poisoning, which I won’t go into detail on. However, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to lose 8 pounds in 2 days, I can recommend a restaurant.

Flew redeye home, snoozed a few hours, had lunch in Princeton, then off to Lauren and John’s beautiful engagement party. My love for them – and their love for each other – is truly unmatched. Big shout to Lauren’s family for hosting. I lasted about 35 minutes before I unfortunately puked myself out of there. Photo below of JRII&III, Tank, and my pale self.

Went home that Friday night, slept for roughly 14 hours, then woke up to attend/host our 14th(?) annual Mooser on Saturday. Met some of the staff beforehand at Steakhouse 85 before going to the Old Bay for one final night. Best friends around, #MC4L

Still not feeling great, but woke up early to head to the J-E-T-S game with Samantha, Nate, and Tank. Was a warm Sunday for them, I was freezing.

Dinner Sunday night after Mass for Christmas Eve with my mom, Bridget, and Martin. Hosted Christmas on Monday with the Hunters and some great friends.

Ended the week with some additional family time. Got some lunch with my dad in south jersey before hitting the Devils game with my cousin Mark. Yaking aside, great trip home for the holidays!


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