Thanksagaingiving 2017

Home is where the heart, family, cold, shitty and driving is. Took a bad flight on Tuesday, got in to Newark Airport around 5:30pm. If you’ve ever landed there near that time, you recognize what a bad idea that is.

Got some drinks that evening in NB with Lauren and John, met up with Nate for breakfast on Wednesday morning. Made it to New Brunswick for dinner with the MC for Katie’s bday, followed by a stop at Old Bay like norm.
Went to bed pretty early Wednesday night – a sure sign I am old – and got up early Thursday to drive to Boston. Got to the Burdick’s around 2pm, ate a great dinner, went to the movies (I fell asleep), and got to bed early. Woke up to take the 8am train into Boston from Hopkinton, and bounced around from Back Bay, to the Bruins game at the Garden, to Southie for lobster rolls at Row 34, to some ping pong at Blazing Paddles. Always a fantastic experience being home with the ones you love.


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