Uncle E in PHX

The even cooler part about kicking it EPMD in Chi was that E-Double was a few days from coming to Phoenix. He got in late Thursday and we just took it easy. Friday was the turn up. Got Jay-Z’s 4:44 tickets – day of – off of the Gametime app (if you don’t know..) for $27. Had a brief b-day party for Nick, walked Roosevelt Row’s First Friday Art Walk, and ended up @Suns for Jay.

Saturday was slow moving – at first at least. Went up waay north to my boss’s house in Troon North – a truly beautiful setting. Took the road a bit further north to Cave Creek and took part in a mini-pig race. When in Rome, I guess. 
Saturday night caught ASU’s Sun Devils lose to USC. Great to see future (hopeful) Jet QB Darnold! Spent Sunday riding bikes and playing a game called Cashly (sp?) – it was a mixture of a treasure hunt and Pokemon Go. Enjoyable, yet strange.

Big shout to Uncle E for coming out west to spend some time. #MCWest


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