Homecoming 3.0 – Chi 4ever

And of course the weather (at least on Friday and Saturday) was perfect. Drew me back in like a bad ex. Such an amazingly fast, creative, supportive, and entertaining place. From the art to the food to the friends to the ping pong and Hamm’s at Happy Village.

Landed around 3pm from PHX, took an expensive Uber right to dinner at West Loop’s Monteverde – Wes, Lexi, and their beautiful daughter Lainey and I split everything on the menu. Make sure to get the squid and the spicy pasta. 
Left dinner for SoHo house – had a few on the roof before walking over to Parlor (again on the roof – I can’t stress the nice weather enough). Tough to see a Yankee loss, but at this point they were still on top 3-2 in the series. Met up with the usual suspects – Joel, Cecil, Amar. Stayed a few more at Fox Bar and finally at, of course, The California Clipper.

Saturday – hit the normal walk down Division/Milwaukee, with the entire city out at Big Star. Shopped, danced, walked, ate, etc. Homie Wayne caught up and the plan was to watch a Yankee win to advance to the World Series. Part of that came true.

Everytime I go back I don’t want to leave. I, again, can see myself being there forever. Few more years.


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