30th Surprise!

Give it up to Lauren for planning what has to be one of the best birthday surprises of all time. John had just turned 30 and thought Lauren would be taking him to a dinner. When they took exit 13 to Newark Airport, she handed him his ticket, he realized his bag was already packed, and they were off to Phoenix.

Landed late Thursday, stayed in, and those two took off early Friday for a Sedona/Grand Canyon bus tour. Got back late Friday and we ventured downtown for a few drinks and ended at Welcome Diner.

Had a blast on Saturday hiking around Papago Park – beautiful scenery and things to do/climb on. Then went to Scottsdale for the Old Town tour of shopping/eating/drinking. Such a great time with the best friends in the world. They were so gracious and excited to take in all that AZ has to offer. Had a few tacos at the world’s best La Santisima and dinner/celebratory champagne at Tuck Shop. Sunday was spent in Tempe, again hiking, checking out my office, catching some football, and walking the waterfront. Come back!


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