Boys Trip To The Pacific Northwest

Here’s a long winded walk through of an amazing weekend to Seattle and Mount Rainier.

Got in Friday afternoon and checked into the AirBnB with the Big Cat. We waited for an hour or so until Nick landed by sea plane, and we went over to my old boss Rob’s slick apartment for a drink before dinner. Was great to catch up with him. Disregard my face in the photo below, was simply just a bad take. I don’t normally smile like that, and I am not sure what I am doing with my hands. Nonetheless, if you’re in Seattle, you gotta eat at The White Swan. And get the seafood poutein – lots of it. And oysters. Get like 6 dozen. I think that’s how many we got. Popped up super early Saturday to rent a car and cruise two hours outbound to Mt. Rainier. The power of this mountain is unmatched. The weather changed no less than 6 times – from snow to rain to heat to cold to wind to tons of snow. The visuals were breathtaking and at times the wind was overbearing. It’s worth every minute – next time we’re staying overnight. Got back to Seattle on Saturday night to catch the sunset on the pier. Some more oysters

Amazing trip with the boys. Wish I had more time to explore, but thanks to Southwest points, I’ll be making Seattle a common destination.


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