Bridget in AZ!

Been too long since I posted, so I’m about to go IN on some back to back to backs.

No better place to start than to revisit the awesome weekend of my sister visiting Arizona from Vermont. She got in on Friday and we started the weekend the right way, at a Snakes game with Conner and Tyler. Dinner at Cibo after, and up early to hike @ Superstition.

Made it to the belly, roughly 2k feet up in the sweltering heat. Probably 103 outside. Left the mountain for Canyon Lake. I’d never been there before (never really been to any lake in Arizona) and I was very impressed. Tons of people, boats, and partying. Will be back for sure. Sat night dinner with Bryan, Angie, and Emi @ Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale. A beautiful evening.Bridget wisely moved her flight from Sunday to Monday, and we were able to spend some time with Brent who was in from LA.


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