Same trip, short 1 Basti though. This year elected for warmer, cheaper Costa Rica over our normal Europe trip. Flew through Miami, getting into SJO around 3pm. Took a 2 hour scenic (wild) Uber! ride to Quepos – a colorful old fishing town. Met up with Scott, our tour guide and (un)official mayor for what would be a great few days. Got in just in time for the sunset. img_0308Caught an unfortunate flat tire driving home that night/early the next morning. Took 4 guys, 8 tries, 2 hours. We got it.

Woke up early the next morning to get on our way touring the beautiful Manuel Antonio National Park. Saw a great share of monkeys, sloths, iguanas, birds, snakes, frogs, and other species I couldn’t identify. Private beaches a plenty, what a beautiful site. Could have spent days in there.


Spent day 3 white water rafting through the Savegre with our bois from Tico Loco Adventures – be sure to check them out if you’re in Central America. Left around 8am, got back in time to make it out for some sodas with Scott at the Selina Hostel in Manuel Antonio.

img_0353 img_0377

Spent the final day walking the town, fishing a bit off the pier. Had some fantastic food and drinks, everything was as fresh as can be. Including airfare (and some decent stay) – the entire week was under $1,000.

img_0338 img_0182

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