Quick 3rd Chi Stint

What was, and what could have been. I’ll begin with a big ‘thank you’ to Sir Eric Hanse, for hosting your boy pro-bono for a few weeks as things got situated. Left PHX (physically, thanks to Basti) to move back to Chicago. Took on a new role w @grpn, a short lived assist in developing a new manager training position.

Chicago was just how I’d left it – blessed with the best restaurants, the best friends, a buzzing tech community, and a god awful winter. I’ve since relocated to Boston (more on the specifics to come later), saying goodbye (again, and this time for real) to the windy city. Below are a few of my favorite shots collected in my favorite city with my favorite friends. #upward&onward

Oysters @ Oyster Bah – thanks Donnie! – with Walker & E-double


The great Brian Bar. Learned so much from him, and so proud of where he’ll take Victory Lap.

Caught Ol’ Buzzle and Little Ricky Mares for a much needed DePaul afternoon reunion. Rick now the head coach of Hinsdale Central Varsity HS boys lax, working at SMS Assist. Cerney finishing up his law degree from Notre Dame @ Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. img_0070

Nicky G, Amar, and Anna (visiting). A great ode to #grpnphx. Chat over fried veal brain @ Longman & Eagleimg_0060

J.E. and I strategizing @ Soho House Chicago.


Eric and Wayne at the Humbolt Park Mecca – California Clipper.


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