Can’t thank Mr. ‘Mikey B’ Mike Basti enough for selflessly flying out to Phoenix and assisting (driving the entire way) in my relocation from Phoenix to Chicago.

Got in on Tuesday afternoon and we hiked the inaugural Camelback Mountain. Washed up, bought the necessary tools, and had one more going away dinner before waking up and taking off. Below is the truck, with all the belongings in tow.

Split around 7am, embarking on 1900 miles through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Illinois. Made it all the way to Amarillo, TX, the first night, not before having the best Mexican food of my life at Mary and Tito’s in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Get both the red and green chilie.

img_9893 img_9889

Amarillo, TX smelled bad and was borderline terrifying. I’d not recommend it to anyone. We got in and out. There was one highlight, however: The Cadillac Ranch art exhibit, which seemed to appear out of nowhere. A title of a Bruce song, the display was quite intriguing.

img_9909 img_9914

We got up early and split. Punched it to Oklahoma City, where Big Kyle was doin’ work at the annual horse auction. Great to spend some time with him and the ponies – complete culture shock.
img_9931Left OKC and made it to Springfield, MO, for night 2. Not a terrible place, about 2 hours south of STL. Woke up the next morning and punched it the final 5 hours to Chicago. Of course, the only inclement weather we hit was once we got inside the Windy City.

Unpacked, settled in, and met Wayne down in Pilsen for a St Joes reunion. Had dinner with the team at Taus, compliments of Chef Michael, and sent Basti on his way full, cheerful, and aware that his kindness did not go unnoticed. Back in Chicago!
img_9962 img_9968


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