LolJets Season Recap

10-6 last year and missed the playoffs in Bowles’ first year, leading to high expectations this year. Fast forward to now, and the Jets finished last in the division at 5-11. So many fingers to point, where to begin?

  • O-Line. It’s clear that Mangold being hurt means everything, but the Jets have had a rotating door on the left side after D-Brick left. Sure, Fitz could be more mobile, but a lot of his rushed throws and sacks were due to bad play up front.
  • Quarterback. The standoff with Fitz, in the rear view, was a joke. Finally settled on a 1 year deal, and good riddins. He was benched for Geno, who got killed, then for Petty, who got killed, then reinstated, only to finish the season with the 3rd most picks, with 17, having not started nor played in every game.
  • Accountability. Have to point a finger at the soft-spoken coach. With in-house quarrels, social media outbursts, disguised benching, etc., the coaches need to look in the mirror. Todd is coming back, but our OC is out, as are 5 additional coaches, mainly on the defensive side.
  • Defense. Sporting the best D-Line, we struggled to get sacks, and our secondary was a joke. I wrote earlier about Revis giving up, but the problem was larger than just him. However, cancer spreads.

Here’s to the draft, where we’re a top 5 lock. Gut the roster, get younger, and figure things out. LOL-Jets


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