Final LA Jawnt

Had to get it in on the left coast again before I left Phoenix. Took a last minute flight to Los Angeles late Thursday night, picked up by the twins at LAX. Hung low at their house, left with Brent for 1 at the local spot.

Up early on Friday, worked out of the UBS office in Beverly Hills, waited for cousin Dennis to arrive, lunch with Aunt Ellen at the best ever Bay Cities – gotta get the Godmother – then pregamed before dinner at Father’s Office in Culver City. Great burger. Drinks w Preston and in earlier on Friday night. Piney and the Elder (sp?) !!

Up early on Saturday to hit the beach. Took the bikes down to Santa Monica, toured through Venice, and hit the surf with the entire family and Tyler making a visit. 
thumb_img_9799_1024 thumb_img_9790_1024

Snoozed/showered before dinner with Uncle Joe who just got back from Italy. Family style Italian eating (what else is new) in Venice.


Out a bit Saturday night with Preston, up early again on Sunday. Took the new metro from Santa Monica to the Coliseum, first observing the Endeavor at the LA Science Center, then taking in a rainy Rams/Fins game. Chinese for dinner, late Sunday night flight back to PHX! thumb_img_9798_1024

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