Quick Chi Trip

Halloweener in Chicago, a tradition like no other. This time was a bit different however, given I had no costume, no party, I don’t live there, and I’m almost 30.

Got into Chi late on Wednesday night, shipped over to the Public Hotel per yooszh, and they oversold rooms. Found an alternative option around 1am, slept a few hours, made it into the office early Thursday morning. Met the necessary parties, shook some hands, and had dinner Thursday night @ El Che with Keegan, Nick, Amar, Uncle Sess, and Walker. In early, up early on Friday.

Was honored, in person, at our Q3 Global All Hands, for receiving the Groupon Green award for embodying one of our core values, ‘Intolerance of Mediocracy.’

img_9540Swung by Nick’s (my host family) post work on Friday, then met Wexi @ Paul’s Halloween party at Gluntz Tavern. What a host. Kicked it, split to watch the end of a riveting Cubs game (loss.)

img_9546Up early on Saturday, met a friend for coffee, then had the luxury of reconnecting with the best darn coworkers around at Big Star, to celebrate friendship and BG being in town.


Ate, drank, shopped, then headed to Eric’s house where the costumes began. Hats off to Jackie for telling me exactly what to wear to pull off the group costume of the cast of Narco’s, which I’ve still never seen. I was told we nailed it, but what else is new. Chi so soon!



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