Island is OPEN

Not talking Cuba, although I’ll save my thoughts on Fidel for another piece. I’m talking Revis Island, which is apparently open to the public at a pretty low cost.

It’s clear that Revis is done. He publicly admitted that ‘he’s old‘ after a 9-6 pathetic loss to the Rams last week. I watched the entire Jets game vs the Pats yesterday, and while there were some highlights, Revis playing as a shell of his former self is what stood out to me most.

What’s worse is Revis’ justification for the terrible game, in which he got burned for 2 TDs. 3+ years ago, QBs weren’t even throwing to his side of the field, let alone his man. Now, he’s a $17 piece of old junk that is blaming the slow rush and play call for his demise. Boo that man!


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