Ode to the Cubbies

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t rooting for the Cubs. Part of me is sick, and that part truly enjoyed the misery those poor fans have endured over the years. The ol’ ‘We’ll Get Em’ Next Year’ reality that comes with being a Cubs fan falls all to close to me, being a Jets fan.

However, the Cubs deserved all they got this season, which was ultimately their first World Series Championship in 108 years. Unreal playoffs. Led by the Zen master Madden, the roster was perfectly put together by Theo to get them here. It just happened a few years before most (me) thought they could do it.

The entire playoffs was an enjoyable ride. From beating the Giants (on an even year!), then the Dodgers, and in the end the Indians, the Cubs certainly faced adversity. Game 7 of the WS, was on all accounts the best sporting event I have ever seen.

The comeback homer from Davis to tie it, some managerial blunders that would have forever haunted Joe Madden, the overusage of Chapman, the extra innings, the rain delay, the obvious game winner from Zobrist, and the slow roller at the end to finish it – just not real.

This is why we love baseball. This is why we love sports.



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