NJ Labor Party

I’m never home long enough. Even for the 4 nights I spent home over Labor Day, still felt way too short. Great, as always, to see friends and family. Just wish it could be longer and I could have the privilege to see everyone. Hit the jump below for the full breakdown of my trip back east for Labor Day.

Took the redeye from PHX>EWR, landing at the wee hours on Thursday am. Big Nate slept in, so took the train to Metuchen for an early bagel breakfast with PLind24. Quick hang in with my mom, then took the train into the city. Met Joel in Newark, had a slice, then checked into our apartment in Midtown East. Walked the city – central park, columbus circle, highline – and met some more of the team for dinner.img_8870Had a steak @ The Smith, followed by some late night cocktails all around the LES. Big Bast, sleepy nate, Joaj, and some WAGs.

Great to catch up with cousin Evan, now bar managing LES’s awesome Subject. Slushies, tecate’s, and waking up in Trenton (Nate).img_8886Woke up early on Friday and headed East to BK. Stopped by Basti’s spot, hung w pig, then made the trip further east out to Coney Island. Been a while since I snapped into a Nathan’s dog, and had to couple it with some beers and crinkle fries.

img_8897Split back to NJ with Basti’s mom (thank you) to avoid the wait and fare. Had dinner outside with my mom and Joel at Metuchen’s finest – Antonio’s – then  split DTS with Lauren to her comfy abode in LBI, to set up a great couple days. Beers, stories, and early to bed.

Woke up early Saturday, hit the beach (the same time Hurricane Hermine did), had some bagels, played some pickup bball, and hung generally low key. Deep fried wings, Yuengs, and friends – just guys bein dudesimg_8904Caught the fantastic island sunset, followed by a late night at Joe Pop’s on the island w the best bunch around.

img_8920img_8934Lazy Sunday, with a stop in Tom’s River on the way home at Pinto’s. Great to see more of the #MC, just too bad it couldn’t be for longer. At least Leo looked good.

img_8972Made it home Sunday night in time to spend some extra love with my mom – so good to see her and Tank. Had some lunch on Monday with my mom in our old stomping grounds – New Brunswick, NJ – and got to relive some of my childhood memories. Until next time! img_8973


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