#JetUp Date

1-1. Wish my fantasy team was there (sitting at 0-2) but the Jets upside far outweighs my own woes. Home opener heart breaking loss against the Harambeless Cincinnati Bengals, with a predicted AJ Green going hamhock on Revis Island. Came down to a late field goal that went in, and a single point loss at home with the MC in the crowd brought on the doubt.

Faced Rex’s bunch week 2 (who Fitz can never beat) away, and won late in a high octane, sloppy D AFC East matchup. Forte went off, all the WRs were connecting, and the defense made some late, necessary stops. All momentum now goes into KC.

We have a bruising schedule coming up – Seahawks, Steelers, Cardinals – but it opens up later in the season. With some Patriots injuries (and suspensions) we run the chance of taking the division with this team. Hands up for health, Forte continuing, and Kacy Rodgers getting it together. #allthewayUp



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