Oh, Canada

I normally take one big trip a year. The week between Christmas and New Years, you’ll find me and some of the #MC’s Finest in Europe. A few weeks ago, I decided to augment that schedule, and take a week off mid-summer to explore our little brother up north.

Flew from PHX to Seattle, where I stayed for a bit before venturing north through British Columbia. Full breakdown with photos below;

Saturday: Flew with Tyler out of PHX to SEA in the wee hours. Not really sure how we made the flight, nor do I really remember the flight at all. All that matters is that we landed safely at Sea-Tac, and our trip was on! Took the train from the airport to downtown Phoenix, where my old boss Rob lent us his killer pad right in the center of Pikes Place Market. Spent the afternoon walking the city, rented kayaks to hang out in Lake Union, and had some dinner at Radiator Whiskey. Place was bomb. I recommend the pig’s head. Spent the night walking through the Capital Hill area. Seattle FTW.

IMG_8528 IMG_8516 IMG_8508

Sunday: Woke up early, rented a car, and drove south a few hours through Tacoma to Mt. Ranier. Took about 2 hours from Seattle, and that was only to the entrance of the park. The weather took a turn, and the temp dropped a good 15 degrees. We took about a 3.5 mile hike packed with spectacular views. Been on a National Park kick lately, and would highly recommend Mt. Ranier to anyone. Spent the night in Tacoma, and made the most of it.

IMG_8543 IMG_8554Monday: Drove back to Seattle, dropped the car off, toured Groupon’s office, and had a fantastic lunch at Von’s.  I recommend the salmon pizza. Hung for a bit, then took the 2pm ferry to Victoria. Boat took about 2.5 hours to get there, and we met a few friends on the trip to make it easier on us.


Nick and his roommates hosted us, and cooked a fantastic local salmon for dinner. We and the boys made the most out of the perfectly weathered evening.

Tuesday: Woke up late, took the bus to downtown Victoria. Had lunch at Tacofino. Nick got off work, we hit the beer store, and set out for a 4 hour salmon fishing trip with Nick’s roommate and his father. What a fantastic treat – only ended up reeling in one, but it was 12+ pounds and made for some great sushi.


Spent Tuesday night lowkey, had dinner in downtown Vic, and called it early after some monster rounds of ping pong.

Wednesday: Woke up mega early to set sail up north. Took the morning ferry to Vancouver from Vic, then continued the drive up north to Whistler. All the while, not in a great mental state with the bungee jump looming. Took a stop in North Van for a photo opp.


Made it to beautiful Whistler around 1pm. Absolutely shaking. Threw a few canadian whiskeys down to kill the nerves, then made it to Whistler Bungee for the jump. Not really sure how I did it, but I’ll be honest in admitting that I was basically blacked out. The mind can do some weird things.


After the 160+ft drop, and body shakes, it was time to celebrate. Me and the boys rented a place in Whistler, had some sushi, and made the city ours. Whistler is great. Took a rest lake side at one of Whistler’s great bodies of water.


Got up on Thursday to head even further north, about an hour, to Joffre Lakes. Magical, the only word I can use to describe the experience. The hike wasn’t easy – about 2 hours straight vert – but man it was worth it. Not crowded, perfect weather, and extremely rewarding. May have been the highlight of the entire trip.



Had some lunch not long after at a local watering hole, with a blistering river right behind us.


Drove to Vancouver, which was about 2.5 hours south of where we were, and totally worth the drive. Whipping through the BC mountainside, listening to horrible music, and stuck in the back of a Teles truck with my best friends. Spent Thursday night raging in Van, took down a great dinner in the Gaslamp district, and stayed up late.


Tyler disappeared somewhere, but Nick and I continued the next morning. Rented bikes through the famous Stanley Park. Just, wow. We got lucky with it being SeaWheeze at the same time, put on by Lululemon, so the eye candy wasn’t terrible.

IMG_8771 IMG_8758

Left that evening to head back to Vic for one final night. Nick and I had a fantastic, chef’s plate dinner with some local seafare. Bomb. IMG_8775If you have a chance to get to British Columbia, take it. Great people, the $ was good, fantastic food, and no shortage of outdoor activities. CANADA!


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