Chicago in the summertime is like no other. Summer is so relative – where it’s always hot in Arizona, no one seems to care for the sun and warmth. When you get to spend time in a predominantly frozen city, summer means all that much more.

In and out for work – Th-Sun – but got to get some hangs in. Went to Mott St. Thursday after work with Amar and Nick and ate/drank everything on the menu. Later night at the must-stop California Clipper. IMG_8379 Big day of work Friday followed by the Groupon All-You-Can-Streetfest. I believe it’s the fourth iteration, but it happened to be my first. It was a ‘hot’ day there, so we didn’t stay long. Managed to get Wes and Joel in which made it all that much better. Quick dinner at Papa’s, out everywhere.IMG_8389Saturday was cool – lunch in Old Town, dinner at Girl and the Goat – which lives up to EVERY expectation. It was my first time there and everything was perfect. We managed to sneak a quick seat in the bar area and didn’t hold off from ordering. 5+ stars in my book. Sunday was low-key, some coffee with Bar, and met Wayne in Pilsen to see the fabulous Pilsen Community Books. Until next time! IMG_8433


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