July 4 – WWR Style

Gotta start with a big thanks to Bryan for the invite, and Hunter and Conner for clearing their schedules to make it happen. Spent July 4 in Durango, Colorado, centered around a 2-day white water rafting trip down the Upper Animas River.  It was about a 7 hour drive from Phoenix, and we left early Friday morning upward. The drive was beautiful – highlighted by AZ’s Tuba City and the 4 Corners Monument – and we arrived just in time for our water test. I passed. Crashed, and woke up at 7am for the trek. 

The drive was nuts – climbed thousands of feet in elevation through the windy Colorado mountainside, and made it to kitschy Silverton. The temperature dropped by ~30 degrees, and with our wetsuits on, we took off down river.IMG_8183

The early ride was easy – class III for a while – but we took that opportunity to gaze all throughout the plush greenery observing bald eagles and mountain goats. The rapids kicked in – IVs and one V – and that was where ol’ Conner got ejected into the rapids. He made it out safely, but our boat was jammed upon a rock rendering it immobile. We were forced to lose about 2 hours of rapid time – but all the better. We made it to camp safely that evening, set our tents up, and let the guides cook us up some steak and potatoes while we horseshoe’d.

IMG_8205 Our mode of transportationIMG_8217Woke up early on Sunday, hit the rapids for another 4 hours or so, ripping through some consistent Class IVs. Needless to say – we were holding on a lot tighter than the day before. IMG_8238We made a stop in the sunshine for lunch, and cruised to the finish line, where we took the Silverton to Durango train – another highlight of the trip –  and met the beer filled bus that took us back to Durango, where we dumped our gear and set off for dinner.

IMG_8244Spent Monday at the Mesa Verde National Park – 100 years! – in ~95 degrees.

IMG_8255Back to Durango, another killer dinner, and took in the fireworks. What an awesome trip!



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