We’re 3 days from the All Star Break and the Yanks find themselves a game below .500, 7.5 games back, in 4th place. Not in the AL, just the AL East. Sure, we have the steepest competition in the O’s/Jays/Sox, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

The Yanks can’t be sellers. They can’t ever be. Haven’t been, won’t be. Flaunt it if you got it – if you can afford to not sell off, don’t do it. We can always rebuild through free agency. Issue is, guys are tied up contractually, we’re only getting (a lot) older, and we have a stacked bullpen that every team in the entire league wants a piece of. Sell? Sure.

Aside from middle of our infield, and some flashes of youth from Beltran, our bullpen has been the only bright spot. Andrew Miller is the only pitcher tied up beyond next year rendering all assets technically available. Tears as I write this, I’d much rather get my hands on some blue chip prospects, or a damn first baseman, in attempt to get younger, free up positions, and wait it out for a hopefully (at this pace) bargained Bryce Harper. Fingers Crossed.


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