A Memorial Memorial Day Weekend

Shout to the whole MC, but to Peanuts and Bones for making the long trip out west to spend MDW2016 (#ETD) in the Southwest. Joey Options gets in late on Wednesday night, and watches a bit of pickup lacrosse in 100+ degree. Lent him the Tacoma on Thursday, ended work around 5, and waited for Phil to come over. Spent Thursday night at St. Francis and The Little Woody, and Friday morning hiking Camelback.


Lunch, pooled out, and DTPHX for the afternoon. Hit the DBax Friday night, then unfortunately out in Old Town Scottsdale. They had fun. Up early with cousin Conner to the desert, Joshua Tree, CA. Reserved the last camping spot, set up camp, and day hiked for hours through the endless sea of Dr. Suess’s inspiration.


Drove through the park, got acquainted with the heat, and made our way to world famous Pappy & Harriets in Pioneertown, CA. Ripped a few lagers, picked up some firewood, and made our way back to camp for a star studded overnight.

FullSizeRender (5)

Woke up early Sunday, began our descent to Palm Springs, when we were all magnetically driven to the Salton Sea. Completely on a limb, we discovered an oasis an hour south of Joshua Tree. Flooded with 600 million! tilapia and spoiled fisherman, the below sea-level hot pot was nightmare fuel. Still great.

FullSizeRender (6)

Fled the Salton Sea to Palm Springs. Checked into our hotel (public bath) and geared up for the Ace Hotel MDW Pool Party. Yowza. Star-studded, guy heavy hot spring in the middle of Palm Springs. Tank bussed down from LA to link up, turning the patriotic day into a throwback destination. #MC4L.

IMG_7990 13308735_934906075308_6587248286574323601_o


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