East, at last

As I get more and more used to living in the SW, one thing that will never change is how long/expensive/annoying it is to get back home. Took the redeye, getting in at 6am@EWR on 4/30, with Big Nate scooping me.

Made our way to the bagel pantry, then to St. Joes to watch Sir Pinto lead the lacrosse team. Tons of talent on the field but an unfortunate loss at the end of regulation. Good turnout of MC.IMG_7512Lunch at Charlie Browns with the crew (including mi Madre) before heading to North Jersey for Galen & Ashleigh’s beautiful wedding. Left the hotel early, made it home to celebrate Patrick’s bday at Hailey’s with the fam. Left shortly after for Philadelphia for a historic evening with Natro.IMG_7609Got to Philly within an hour, checked into the hotel, and did some barcrawling/history buffing/relocation speculation. Had a bomb 8 course dinner at Chef Eli’s Fork. Squid ink pasta and chicken liver ravioli for the win.

FullSizeRender (2)

Stayed up late, nailed a few Yuenglings, and ended the night at Milkboy. Very underrated city. Fled the next morning, took a nap, and had half off bee’s with Nate, Lauren, and JJ. Took it easy Tuesday on a much needed day off and took the 5pm back to PHX. Need to be back soon!


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