Give it up for Marcus!

Got introduced to New Pathways For Youth  about two years ago through Groupon, as our staff would volunteer some afternoons. When I moved back to Phoenix, I made a commitment to get more involved in my local community, and I found myself back at NPFY, and found Marcus. He’s 11, he’s going to play in the NBA, he loves to skateboard (but he doesn’t know how..yet) and he challenges me to look at things differently. Marcus and I meet regularly to do homework, eat tacos, play basketball, and just talk. I can already tell we’re going to have some great fun. 


Mother’s Weekend!

IMO, there’s nothing more important in the world than spending time with family. My mom was gracious enough to fly across the country to help me christen my new house. She flew in on Thursday evening and we spent the first night at Chris Bianco’s Tratto – and it’s worth the hype. Took off work on Friday and took mom on a wonderful day trip on the Verde Canyon Railroad. A four hour journey through some of the world’s most majestic red rocks. A solid 2 hours north of Phoenix, this trip is worth every penny. A decent beer selection too. 
Friday night – had dinner for restaurant week at Culinary Dropout, but should have went somewhere better. Got up early on Saturday and went to the Ziprecruiter office to show off the new digs, then rented bikes and rode along the Tempe Town Lake. She hadn’t ridden in over 20 years, but it was “just like riding a bike.” Sat night went to a Snakes game – one of the last of the regular season en route to the playoffs. Mom had to get her popcorn in a plastic helmet, and then she had to wear the helmet. Left Sunday and it felt too soon. Trying to get her to come here permanently!

Cuzzo Pat in Town

The theme has been visitors, and I say it all the time, Phoenix is such a rad place to visit. So much to do in a weekend, and for many the obscure landscape alone is reason to come back.

Pat came out for a quick visit – spent Friday night walking through Old Town Scottsdale with dinner at The Mission.
Started Saturday morning with a 6am’r up Camelback to watch the sunrise. Had to get Lolo’s chicken and waffles after.

Ricky and the Buzz

Had the DePaul Lacrosse family pay me a visit. John “Buzzle” Cerny and Ricky “little ricky” Mares flew on out from Chicago to spend some time in the desert. The trip was centered around a camping/hiking experience in the Grand Canyon.

No trip to the GC from PHX is complete without a stop in wonderful Flagstaff. Popped off for breakfast and to pick up some gear, then went another 1.5 hours north to the mecca. Camped overnight in the Mather campground, and took the Grandview trail down a few hours until the sun began to set. All in, 8 hours of hiking and one awesome experience that we’ll cherish for a lifetime. Fire boy!

Quick LA Jawnts

Fancy seeing some MC on the West Coast, as work takes me to Los Angeles roughly once a month. The trip is quick, and often met with a balance of building traction at Ziprecruiter’s HQ and seeing friends and family.

Below is from Manhattan Beach where I met Tanky and Molee for a few on a Sunday. Go Jets!

Introducing the Laytons

Sir Thomas Layton has been a dear friend of mine for 10+ years. We were both new to St. Joes as sophomores and found friendship in the commonality. Tom works for the US Navy, living across the pond in Bahrain. Tom met Nicole at a bar in New Brunswick and they immediately fell in love. Tom and Nicole got married in Nashville, and they were kind enough to let me stand by Tom’s side as they said “I do.” Love is real, and I was very lucky to witness it first hand. Cheers!