“As far as closure, there’s no such thing,” she told me. “Even now, if they find Bill or not, there’s still no closure.”

NYTimes: Tragically Lost in Joshua Tree’s Wild Interior


Give it up for Marcus

Been mentoring at New Pathways For Youth for a while now, and have the greatest honor to get to spend time with Marcus. He’s helped me grow in many ways, and we’ve certainly enjoyed our time together. Few recent shots from our outings;

Marcus in the King’s chair at the Heard Museum

Marcus, Conner, Joseph and myself outside of the Arizona Science Museum in downtown Phx

 Marcus and I at the annual NPFY fundraising breakfast



WMO; J-Eazy

If you haven’t attended the Waste Management Open in Scottsdale before, you may need to. If you’re like me – and you care less than zero for golf – this is your outing. Beautiful weather, dumb clothes, 200k+ people… you get the picture.

This year was no different. Went Friday night on a party bus with work, and back at it Saturday with the crew. Joel “gimme 100 leads” Evers graced the desert again with his presence, complete with facepaint!

NJ in the (az) House!

Blessed by a few visits from friends back home. Had Alan out for a few days as he was in town for work & the WMO, and Jackie was out in the desert also for a work visit. Albeit only a drink, always great to catch up with great friends!Sandy and his wonderful GF came out to PHX for golf, the Cubs, and the rain? Always good to catch up with the Sandman, a great friend, teammate, and long time Chicago roommate. 

Sheet Boi’s 40th!

Hunter made some time in his newly busy adult schedule to come out to PHX to pay homage to his brother and I. Got a bit rained out on Saturday, keeping us from our extensive hike up Superstition Mountains, but we still got some great time in.

Got in late Thursday, WFH Friday (with a WOD worked in), #dtphx Friday night, and out to Apache Junction Saturday.

Romped around on Saturday, rode some bikes, ate some bbq, and watched some NFL playoffs on Sunday with a side of ping pong. Old Town Scottsdale just to show off – love that kid!

Best Team Around!

Sounds cheesy, but I truly feel like I’m surrounded with the best team possible at work. It’s not often that this many people of different backgrounds get together so well, but when everyone is rowing the boat in the same direction toward the same place at the same time, great things are possible.

Tempe visit by Ian Siegal, our CEO. Fantastic face time for a management group that truly deserves the credit 🙂

Little sales contest at the Waste Management Open. Like being celebrated for being a top performer? Check out open roles here. Manager outing after a team scavenger hunt. We won!