Thanksgiving 2018; Boston Tradition

C boi and I took the same flight cross country to Logan, where Kendall was home from college and Hunter was driving to from Rochester. Cousin Dennis brought his crew, and the weather was beautiful enough for us to enjoy a tradition of hockey, shopping, movies, and food comas.

Hunter, Conner, me, Riley, Quinn, Drew, Kendall, Melissa, Dennis (L2R).

Swagged out to take the T from Southborough to South Station. Big Mario added to the mix.

Thought I was going to see the Stanley Cup Champs, but only caught the runner ups. Saturday night – went downtown again and caught the JMB on the famous “boat” with Tom and Conner before meeting Bridget at a concert in Kenmore.

A too short visit to Chicago

Sometimes Chicago feels more like home than home does. So many great memories, friends. Truly some of the best places to eat in the world. Always something fun to do, and certainly always fun to make.

Flew in early and took a nap at Hansen’s. Met a friend in Wicker for some snacks, made it to Victory Lap, then met for happy hour. Dinner at Mott St. with Wayne and Peanuts. Amar was hanging too. Woke up Saturday and took a cruise to Kevin McCallister’s home in Winnetka, and lunch at Band of Bomehia, the country’s first (and I believe still the only) Michelin star’d brewery.  Had a night for the record books Saturday, when Eric and I pretended to be our best celebrity chefs as we prepped food aside culinary masters for the Charlie Trotter Gala. Shout out to Richie Farina et all for some tips, hospitality, and trusting us to taste four figure bottles of wine to ensure they weren’t sour, and good enough for the wealthy guests.

Standout PHX Photos

Marcus’ first college sporting event, let alone ASU home game where he’s certain he’ll be a starting WR on in 5 years. Keep an eye out! Brought back the dab at Gila River Arena, watching your playoff qualifying Coyotes.
5th row for the Lebron vs Suns game. Randomly ran into Jessie. Josh Jackson said whattup. Great afternoon reminiscing some vets in Prescott, AZ before a camp in Prescott Valley. Your 7th place Downtown Dust Devils. We did pull it together at the end of the season, though. Won our first playoff game (after each team had an auto bid) and your boy hit the season’s only over the fence dinger but who’s counting. Halloweener at Talking Stick Arena. Had to do it to em
Ol man came out for a few days and helped out big time on the new house. Shot below is at the world famous Durant’s Steakhouse – classic photo in the kitchen/entrance.

Cousin Mark

Some guest visits mean more than others. This was my cousin Mark’s first time to Arizona and man did he do it correctly Rented an RV and toured through the entire state, but luckily was able to spend some time in Phoenix. Tonto Natural Bridget, Phoenix Botanical Garden, Cave Creek Rodeo, some good eats, some video games, and some Byrd scooters around the ASU campus.

Fantastic having him and Shannon visit. Come back soon!

To Nick & Carey!

Quite convenient for me that Zip’s HQ is in Santa Monica, the same location as Nick and Carey’s wedding. September 7, 2018. What a beautiful event held at the Wilshire Hotel right on the beach.

Started Friday with a church ceremony. Photo below of myself, my father, and my sister. After the church we gathered at the hotel before a rehearsal dinner. Shot below of Kendall, Bridget, myself, Seamus, and C-Boi next to the famed tree outside of the front lobby. Anna and I at the rehearsal dinner, with the groom playing photo bomber. Nick with his groomsmen; his two brothers, Brian and Brent, and his cousins Joe and myself. Link to wedding details.