Family, NYY in Tampa

I’m officially calling it a tradition. Second year in a row, and third time overall, watching the Yankees in Spring Training in Tampa. Such a fun family weekend, this time spent with Aunt Jane, Uncle Joe, my dad, his friend Jerry, and E-Double.

Had a nice hotel room in downtown Dunedin, square center around everything you need, including a run along the waterfront and a pizza place open until 3am.

Got in super early Friday morning, had breakfast with my dad, got a pump in, quick nap, then scooped up Eric from the airport. Quick change, and onto the Yankees for a sellout home game loss vs the Astros.Fun day on Saturday – St. Pats – working out first, lunch at an italian deli, a huge record store, and some fun/drinks around St. Petersburg. No game Saturday night, but did manage to get the Shark out for some St Pats fun in Dunedin.

Yanks were boomin on Sunday, caught a win at home on a hot afternoon. Fantastic trip, and you’ll find me there annually.

Family Town in PHX

We got Spring Training baseball (caught Dodgers/Giants and Brewers/Rockies), dinners, dancing, fancy drinks, hiking, and a reminder that nothing beats family.

Shout to Bryan and Nancy for making the trip, Uncle Joe, Brent and Nadine, Nick and Carey, a few friends, and a few locals. Dinner at Ocotillo night one with a journey in #DTPHX. Saturday was every man for themselves, and Uncle Joe and I made it to a Rockies after a hike through Gateway Trail of the McDowell Mountains. Quick lunch at Chop Shop and dinner with the group @ Cowboy Ciao. Drinks afterward in Old Town Scottsdale.

Woke up early Sunday for a hike of Camelback, then a Giants homegame vs your LA Dodgers. Couldn’t ask for a better group, and hope to make it an annual thing, at the least!

LA Jawnt

The more time I spend in LA, the more time I want to spend in LA. Always helps when you have a knockout crew, and the below folks from a great weekend in February were second to none.

Logged some work hours @ #Zip in our Santa Monica HQ, and spent the weekend with the cousins. Saturday drove down to LBC’s South Bay for a reggae fest. Stars lined up as Tanky already had plans to go. Listen to Stick Figure if you haven’t yet! Another great alignment with @big body Kyle in LA to have dinner with the homie Preston in Downtown LA. Hadn’t spent much time in that area before, but I’m sure to go back. The Central Market took the cake, but a night out for a fake bday was a close second. 

Give it up for Marcus

Been mentoring at New Pathways For Youth for a while now, and have the greatest honor to get to spend time with Marcus. He’s helped me grow in many ways, and we’ve certainly enjoyed our time together. Few recent shots from our outings;

Marcus in the King’s chair at the Heard Museum

Marcus, Conner, Joseph and myself outside of the Arizona Science Museum in downtown Phx

 Marcus and I at the annual NPFY fundraising breakfast