Desert Trip 2016

So many firsts for me. Never have I been to a 3 day music festival. Never have I seen most of the great acts featured at Desert Trip 2016; Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Paul Mccartney, The Who, Roger Waters. Full set list here.

Drove from Phoenix early Friday morning, got to Indio around 1pm to set up our car camp. Met the locals, toured the grounds, and got ready for night 1. Bob Dylan led with a less-than-expected set, followed by the Stones. I was shocked at how able they still were, and how many hits they played. Fantastic experience for night 1.

img_9367 img_9362

Woke up HOT on Saturday. Probably 95 degrees by 9am. Got some breakfast, found some shade, then found a ping pong table. Showers were clean, beer was cold, and we made our way to the culinary experience. Unlimited food and drink, with some of the hottest west coast names serving. Shout to Roberta’s pizza.

Night began with Neil Young, who put on maybe the best performance of the entire weekend. Hit after hit, peppering in some of his newer stuff. Paul came on next, told some wonderful stories, called Neil back out, and played the hits until 1:30am. Stellar evening.

fullsizerender-11Woke up Sunday and took the shuttle out to town to watch the Jets get smoked by the Steelers. Not mad however, as we found air conditioning and easy bathrooms. Got back to camp around 1, prepared for the final night, and made our way into the grounds (culinary experience first) for The Who and Roger Waters. Night 3 FTW!

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Congrats Ant & Mariah!

Never thought I’d be at a wedding in Vegas, but boy was I thankful for the invite. Cheers to the Campagne’s, both Anthony and Mariah, on their beautiful ceremony at the Las Vegas chapel.

Weather was perfect (hot), the group was fantastic, dinner was great, and the love was in the air. Wishing them both (and their little guy AJ) a wonderful life together. Cheers! 

Scarlet and Black and Laughable

Rutgers University Football. Not a program that is widely praised, but certainly not one that serves primarily as the butt end of a joke; until now.

The team is 2-4, winless in the B1G-10, and at the bottom of their conference. They lost the last two games to Ohio State and Michigan by a combined 136 points. Their roster is decent but they simply can’t recruit. Sure, TV coverage is a sell, but when you lose by 78, I’m not sure that you want your name on that screen.

Blowout losses, AD issues, player suspensions. At least we can laugh because we didn’t make the only mistake.