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  1. Need to continue to push myself to see new, live music. Completely on a limb (I was looking to celebrate planning the final touches for my trip to Italy) looked to see if there was any music to see on a Tuesday night. I found Brent Cobb playing at Valley Bar, a small an intimate bar in downtown Phoenix. I listened to two songs on Spotify after buying a $14 ticket, and made it to the show with Brent and Anna. Ended up meeting the guy after which was a true delight. 2. His music is actually really, really good. He’s toured (and is touring again) with Chris Stapleton and a few nights ago played on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Both albums (Providence Canyon and Shine on Rainy Day) are fantastic. I recommend them both!


Les Trente

It’s official. As of May 5, 2018, I am 30. I’ve been excited for it as the entirety of 29 was spent answering questions around my excitement and preparation for turning 30. Now we ask how I’m handling it.

Celebrated in the exact way I wanted to; my sister came out a few days prior along with Tyler to celebrate with close family and friends. Aunt Jane and her friend Ronda were her as well, and on my actual birthday went up north with Bryan and Nick to Flagstaff, AZ to camp. Nighttime temperature dropped into the 40s.

Had dinner with Bridget, Tyler, Erin, Anna, and Conner at St. Francis. Few after @ Bonus Round.
Beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Strong beers and high elevation.
I’m confident I’ll be making this recommendation a lot, but there’s no better place around than Flag.  Another night at the rodeo, this time with Bridget and Aunt Jane. They loved it! (I hope)

My Denver Bach; as Best Man

I’ve never been to a bachelor party before, let alone coordinated one. Shout to the Jumbo Dumbo Donnie John for agreeing to have his bachelor party in a distant destination (for all, but especially the bulk of the folks coming from NJ) in Denver, CO.

Couldn’t pick a better/worse weekend to do it; April 20. Crew was deep; John, me, Nick, Sam, Wayne, Nate, Stanley, Tommie, Tank, Talib, Rich, and Kevin. Had mainly great weather with a pretty sincere sprinkle of snow Friday night into Saturday.

Thursday night was when everyone got in, collected ourselves, hung at the house, and made it to dinner. Bit of celebrating after at Draft House. Come Friday morning we made our way for a small breakfast and onto the town. Being the 20th, the city was filled with free events. We put some serious miles on with frequent stops along the way. The t-shirts were a hit.

Friday night was some more celebrating, ending a bit early as we got an early start. Snow came through and kept us inside, an early brunch on Saturday, and meandering along until our long awaited Action Bronson concert, arriving in style.

Heck of a crew, but an even better guy (and girl, Lauren) to celebrate. Denver never disappoints and proved to serve a great host for a bachelor party. Sunday was a lazy meal before we all went our separate ways to the airport.

Going to be a great wedding! Let em’ eat!

Anotha One

After a too short visit to Chicago, felt like I never left as Eric made a return to The Grand Canyon State. Started Friday the right way; with a live rodeo from Buffalo Chip Saloon in Cave Creek, AZ.A now committed golfer, I convinced Eric to partake in the First Annual Idiot Open. We (Conner and I) ended up beating Nick & Eric’s best score ever.
Some dinners, a night out in Scottsdale…..make it permanent, Eric!

Chicago Return; a work story

Big shout to @AA-ISP and @Ziprecruiter for an impressive weekend of sales best practice sharing and networking. Held at the Hilton Grand on the river, the 3 day event featured some of the best thought leaders in the space. Wasn’t a bad opportunity to connect with old friends either.

Dinner night 1 with the work team; Viaggio’s on Madison
2liveCrew featuring Uncle Cecil, Eric, Joaj, J-Kwon, and Walker. And myself. Live from The East Room.
Night 2 with Adam, Wes, and Kyle at The Salt Shaker. Mix in some oysters from Shaw’s, a stop at the Victory Lap HQ, and of course, now..in April..and the Chicago trip is complete.