This was my second year in a row playing in the #Tribz lacrosse tournament representing . Much better showing this year (finished 2-2, last year went 0-4) and certainly had much more fun. Great group of guys all around. My legs aren’t getting any younger, but my passion will never leave me. Grow the game! IMG_8462

Gotta Catch Em’ All

After a recent visit to Mount Ranier National Park – I asked myself; “How many of the 59 US National Parks have I been to?”

Sadly, that answer is nowhere near where I’d like it to be. I’m at 5, or 8.5%. Not acceptable for an American. Looking to take down the Petrified Forest in AZ next weekend, and knock off all 4 un Utah in 1 shot. Who’s with me? National-Parks-Map-Medium

#Vaystays Big Up!

Huge shout to Wes, Geoff, Chris, and the entire Vaystays team. I’ve had the neat opportunity, through Wes, to watch a company grow from the ground up, and begin to get the accolades it so truly deserves.

Vaystays was recently named one of INC.’s 5000 fastest growing companies, and the fastest in their space. When you’re in the need of a vacation rental, be sure to make Vaystays your first destination.


Chicago in the summertime is like no other. Summer is so relative – where it’s always hot in Arizona, no one seems to care for the sun and warmth. When you get to spend time in a predominantly frozen city, summer means all that much more.

In and out for work – Th-Sun – but got to get some hangs in. Went to Mott St. Thursday after work with Amar and Nick and ate/drank everything on the menu. Later night at the must-stop California Clipper. IMG_8379 Big day of work Friday followed by the Groupon All-You-Can-Streetfest. I believe it’s the fourth iteration, but it happened to be my first. It was a ‘hot’ day there, so we didn’t stay long. Managed to get Wes and Joel in which made it all that much better. Quick dinner at Papa’s, out everywhere.IMG_8389Saturday was cool – lunch in Old Town, dinner at Girl and the Goat – which lives up to EVERY expectation. It was my first time there and everything was perfect. We managed to sneak a quick seat in the bar area and didn’t hold off from ordering. 5+ stars in my book. Sunday was low-key, some coffee with Bar, and met Wayne in Pilsen to see the fabulous Pilsen Community Books. Until next time! IMG_8433