Graduation Weekend, #GTFLO

Congrats to Hunter for graduating from Nazereth College in Rochester, NY a few weeks ago. Drove up from MA (a solid 6 hours) to ‘the roch’ in time for dinner @ Dinosaur BBQ – great spot. Spent the later evening with Hunter, Conner, and Hunter’s posse for one last college weekend. $2 beers – I’ll eat.

Spent Saturday morning having lunch with some other senior families, followed by the famous Rochester Lilac Festival. Had the opportunity to Get The Led Out, thanks to a decent cover band. Dinner @ The Genesee BrewHouse, and the graduation Sunday morning. Awesome stuff! 


Big shout to my mom & the MC for a great birthday weekend. You don’t turn 29 that often, so I had to make sure that this was a great one. Drove home from MA on Friday afternoon and sat through pouring rain and traffic – a fair Northeast tradeoff.

Got to NJ around 6 to a full spread prepared by my mom. Hung hard (see pics below) and couldn’t be more grateful for the greatest collection of friends known to man. We say it all the time – but people are lucky to still have 1 friend from high school since graduating 10 years ago; we have a brotherhood of ~10.

Next day cruised to Hoboken with my mom to watch my cousin Hunter’s Nazereth Men’s Lacrosse team beat Steven’s Tech in OT to win a playoff berth and win the Empire 8. Beers at the ‘garden afterward, followed by lunch in New Brunswick and a night cap @ JMB’s.


#MC in #Sports

Great having Uncle Eric in town, even better having the Yankees in town, the best having Eric in town so we can watch the Yankees sweep the Red Sox live. I thought we’d get more flack, but the bleacher crowd seemed much more interested in Harpoon IPAs and Neil Diamond than the actual score. Thanks to lil JMB and crew for the night out at the New York Red Bulls game. Such a warm welcome!

Easter 2017

First time home for Easter in a few years. Such a fantastic family tradition in Martinsville, NJ, centered around pizza and egg dyeing. We’re now onto the new generation (thanks, Anna) to add a special element to the mix. Celebrated our 25th year anniversary this year and got some shirts to prove it. 

My mom scared Anna to the point of no return. Who would eat a baby chicken?!?!

Late night get together @ Big Shots (thanks Saint & Wilson) with this spectacular crew! 


Been a while with the photos and had too many to share. Firstly, congrats to cousin Hunter on his tremendous college career. A standout athlete (captain of the Nazareth lacrosse team) coupled with some academic awards. Top photo was from his Honor Society breakfast the day after losing to Ithaca (in the regular season). Go Golden Flyers. Nancy and I at The Oregon Club in Ashland, an olden speakeasy centered in Central Mass.

80 and sunny for the Boston Marathon, which starts in Hopkinton, MA. What a glorious event!